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Digital Radiology

gallery-equine-4Digital radiography (x-ray) has revolutionized Equine Medicine. Now we are able to quickly and easily diagnose potential causes of lameness and bone abnormalities with less stress your your horse. Digital radiography allows us to view the images immediately and to retake images or to take additional views quickly if needed. Digital radiography also gives us the ability, if needed, to electronically send the x-rays to board certified radiologists for their opinion. In addition, the images produced by digital radiography are of much better quality than film radiographs and can be manipulated digitally, giving us the best possible radiographic information to help find the diagnosis.

Cleary Lake Veterinary Hospital has now added digital radiology to provide the highest quality of x-ray for medical diagnostics. Digital radiology is a new state-of-the-art technology for veterinary medicine. Digital radiography produces a highly-refined image which is useful for evaluating both orthopedic and soft-tissue problems. The images can be digitally enlarged and enhanced to reveal problems that cannot be identified using the less advanced imaging of traditional x-ray technologies.

The images taken from digital radiography can be stored in a variety of media and formats. The are archived and your horses medical records are available with your password electronically throughout the world over the internet, by simply using your web browser to view the images.

This new technology allows for a decreased waiting time because there is no developing time. Each x-ray can be taken and viewed in less than 2 minutes. Immediate retakes can be preformed if necessary.

Although we have added digital radiology, we still offer on farm radiology capabilities with traditional x-ray units.