18577 Natchez Avenue
Prior Lake, Minnesota, 55372

Phone: 952-435-8387

Fax: 952-435-8777

Email: vets@clvets.com


Intern Rules

  1. If you do not understand or don’t know how to do something PLEASE ASK, we don’t expect you to know and understand everything at the beginning.

  2. Interns are here to learn, you need to tell us if we are going to fast for you to understand, it is our job to teach you and it is your job to learn.

  3. DO NOT guess on test results or procedures, the doctors make a diagnosis on results technicians give them.

  4. Even if you have small animal or equine experience you have to prove it to us before you will be working with the patients, it is very different then riding and training horses and owning cats and dogs.

  5. Work either Monday or Wednesday evening.

  6. Work a minimum of two Saturday’s a month (8:00am to 1:00pm).

  7. Equine equipment-must be able to assemble and check out before going out with vets.

  8. Read Equine brochures.

  9. Read Small Animal brochures.

  10. Spend time listening to the doctors and technicians talk to clients. Most of their communication skills are based on years of experience talking to clients. Use your common sense when talking to the clients and do not step over the line of what a tech can say verses a doctor’s diagnosis.

  11. The same privacy laws that govern human medicine also govern veterinary medicine. You are not allowed to share client or patient information, this includes identifying information (breed, gender, age, etc) or details pertaining to the case. Posting information on social media is not acceptable and may be grounds for dismissal.

Tasks to do during down time:

  • Be aware of what is going on in the stable.
  • Laundry.
  • Clean kennels and cages.
  • Make items on list – ask tech how.
  • Stock treatment room and exam rooms.
  • File x-rays.
  • Stock pill bottles.
  • Fill bottles – alcohol, scrub, hydrogen peroxide.
  • Put away supplies and food.
  • Dust dog and cat food, and product shelves
  • Sweep and Mop front and back.
  • File lab work and coggins papers.
  • Put together surgery packs and gowns.
  • Clean/dust surgery suite.